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At Webber Landscapes, retaining walls are one of our specialties. These landscaping features provide much-needed structure and support for your property.

Keep your soil and plants in place

The earth on your property is always changing. Without protection, forces like wind, water and gravity constantly undo your landscaping work. Pests are also a disruption, burrowing underground and getting into your garden. Our sturdy walls will ensure your soil and plants are kept safely in place. Your soil will not erode and your plants will be protected.

Our team building retaining walls on the Mornington Peninsula
stone retaining wall by Webber Landscapes

Stylish, sturdy solutions

Retaining walls give your property a neat, finished look. We have a wide variety of materials for any new design or existing style. Whether you want rustic timbers or durable concrete, your retaining wall will give you a yard to be proud of. Stylish, attractive walls are important, but we also make sure they do their job. We always provide quality craftsmanship and a discerning eye for detail. Our well-built walls will protect your property for years to come.

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